October 28th, 2023

I engaged the services of Kathryn Kent as part of my role as one of the executors of my late uncle’s estate after a recommendation from the firm of Solicitors administering the estate on our behalf. I met with Kathryn at the property to discuss the process of selling the property. Kathryn was very helpful in us setting up the property to sell with very useful advice and suggestions on how to market the property and we were happy with her marketing and price recommendations and her proposals on setting the property up for sale. Communications with and from Kathryn were very frequent and valuable and we very quickly with her help had a buyer for the property. Due to some technical issues with the freehold their were complications with the sale, however Kathryn was in most regular contact with us , the buyers , and both solicitors. I have to say that nothing was a problem for Kathryn and she did not give up on us helping us to successfully sell the property – liaising between us and the buyers to keep everyone informed on the progress and potential difficulties. I can also say with great certainty that the sale would likely fallen through without her. I can therefore thoroughly recommend Kathryn to any potential house sellers and together that her fees were entirely satisfaction – in fact I can say she earned every penny – money well spent by us. Thank you Kathryn